About Us

Since 1850


It was the British period when Indian business were facing a tough time when Lala Kanwarsain Ji showed courage to open and run his business successfully “Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal Sweets” where delicacies are offered. This is not just a business for Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal family. They also take it as a responsibility and feel fortunate for keeping a closely old history with them.

Lala Kanwarsain Ji were a visionary who could foresee the sustainability and success of his business in the present world scenario as well. This business was founded almost 200 years back in the heart of the food capital “Delhi” in the part popularly known as the food capital of the country “Chandni Chowk”. From him to the legacy was taken further to another level by Late Lala Bhagirath Mal Ji. And after his two sons, Late Lala Laxmi Narayan ji and Shri. Roop Narain Ji took the mentoring command for their upcoming generations.

Lalaji made some thumb rules for the operation of the business unit, from purchasing the right quality of dry fruits, selection of pure desi ghee, spices and all other. Articles required to make sweets and savouries which are followed till date. All the spices, dry fruits and other articles used to make the delicacies are processed by his internal team and used in the same ratio as it was used 175 years age by Lala ji himself. He was basically times ahead and established a modern yet traditional business. When the world was learning business concepts, he practically executed his management skills and started making all the procedures from mixing of spices, adding ratios of kaju, badam, magas, pista etc. in sweets in a peculiar manner. So, he was a visionary of his times who could site that how a business can be run with zero deviation on an auto-pilot mode. Even today, the delectables are served with the same indigenous taste as it was served way back. This is one of the most prestigious and heritage sweets shop carrying the history of closely 200 years ago its shoulders from the past 5 generations in the heart of the country. Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal in Old Delhi is counted as one of the most reliable and exceptional places for savouries and sweets.

Some of our exclusive culinaries in savouries are Dalbiji, Aloo Lacha, Kaju Masala, Sem Beej, Samosa and Kachoris. In sweets our Badam Lauj, Pista Lauj, Lambe Wale Gulab Jamun, Sohan Halwa, Moong Dal Burfi and many more are popular amongst the people. All these things are made with utmost hygiene and in clean manufacturing unit with all safety measurements. All our cuisines are made with pure desi ghee since generations. We have a secret in house masala making recipe. We pick up the finest qualities of dry fruits, spices and other raw materials from the market and after proper cleaning and grinding it is mixed in the ratios which are a secret to the family. Even today all the delicacies are handmade to ensure a personal touch and to provide the customers same taste as catered to their forefathers.

Mission & Vision


At Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal we are making sweets and savories wholeheartedly with passion and focusing on quality and keeping heritage and legacy intact.
Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal wants to cater to more number of our authentic food lovers. Keeping the focus on reaching out to more clients through diversification and availability at more places as of now in Delhi.


Kanwarji Bhagirath Mal’s vision is very clear and simple. Here we want to drive our generation’s lip-smacking food business to the whole nation. India wants to know what is called the heritage test and what their forefathers have tasted and lived within that era.  India wants to know, what exotic and legacy words mean when it comes to savories and sweets.

Lala Kanwarsain Ji founded the exotic legacy and delectable sweet store in 1850 during the British rule, and his son Lala Bhagirath Mal carried on the tradition to higher level and generations. His objective was to provide the highest quality sweets, savouries, and munchies.

Lala Kanwarsain Ji